"That's Christmas" Reviews

"Another winning addition is a collection of nimble marionettes operated onstage by Phillip Huber. Though most of the stage time goes to Taffy, a convincing little canine, Huber's real triumph is a Frosty the Snowman puppet that dances, dissolves and disassembles itself".

Darel Jevens
Chicago Sun-Times, IL

"…12 days to Christmas is an exercise in dullness, but things pick up considerably with the appearance of Phillip Huber and his marionette Frosty the Snowman and "The Frostones" quartet for a jazzy take on the man of snow's song."
"It Must Have Been Old Santa Claus, led by Tress Thomas' ferocious vocals, young Evan Bergman's infectious glee and Huber's hysterical manipulations of a dog named Taffy. This segment alone makes the show worth seeing."

Gay Chicago Magazine

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