"Being John Malkovich" Reviews
"Huber’s puppetry in ‘Being John Malkovich’ is such a wonder that movie-goers leave the theater believing his work is the result of special effects"
Patrick T Reardon
Chicago Tribune
"...the featured puppetry is in a class by itself, with marionettes that are carefully controlled, tasteful, and expressive."
Marrit Ingman
Savory Film review
"...manipulates, beautiful marionettes with a skill and soulfulness that bring the hand painted pieces of wood brilliantly to life."
Steven Rea
Philadelphia Inquirer
"...John Cusack’s character manipulates a puppet - one that looks like him - through an intricate ‘dance of despair’ that never fails to amaze..." "Equally winning is the combination of lunacy and emotional delicacy in the sidewalk performance of ‘Abelard and Heloise’..."
Margaret A. McGurk
Cincinnati Enquirer


"Also, 'Being John Malkovivh' has some of the most breathtaking puppetry by puppet master Phillip Huber you will see anywhere. Combined with camera close-ups, the vividness of the marionettes is eerily uncanny."
Wenlin Soh
JusticeOnline - Arts
"I'm sorry, but I couldn't finish this off without talking briefly about the puppeteering aspect in this movie, since aside from what Jim Henson has done for us, you don't see puppets a whole lot on the big screen. The marionettes (Phil Huber is the man responsible) features in 'Being John Makovich' are astounding. I laughed at the premise of Craig's pretentious, overbearing puppet shows, but my God, those were damn good puppet shows."
Sean Molloy

"Oh, and, the puppetry. In the first few minutes, you are introduced to a world of puppetry that is likely new to you, the world of Phillip Huber, and his profound skill is very different from, and yet spiritually akin to, the great facial-expression-centered work we are used to with The Muppets. Just as Jim Henson made you believe a sock with two halves of a ping-pong ball was a living, talking frog Phil Huber makes you believe wood and cloth are in love, in torment, in the same emotional world as us."

Tom Smith

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