"One of the most entertaining and fascinating shows on the stage today."
Dr. Gaylord D Holmes - Sunriver,OR.

"First-rate entertainment. Impressive professionalism."
Mr & Mrs George Uhlig - Haverford, PA

"Fantastic! A work of art in every respect."
Peter Clemenger - Melbourne, Australia

"The artistry and ingenuity of these performances is quite beyond anything else I've ever seen in this field."
Wayne Bryan - Wichita Music Theatre

"Wonderful shows - observation of human and animal characters and portrayal - First Rate!"
Dr Frank Innes - Windsor, Ont., Canada

"Excellent... - what a combination of craftsmanship / showmanship."
Frank MacHover - Glouceaster, VA

Nicols Carrenas-Conde - Caracas, Venezuela

"Brilliant! Bravissimo!"
Beth Deeniham - Sonoma, CA

"I felt your puppets were truly alive."
Karen Ruth - Orinda, CA

"A pure delight! Thank you for sharing your extraordinary talent & dedication."
Hazel Chriss - Belmont, CA

"The artistry amazes me, from the development of the character to the final performance."
Edna Damkoehler - Green Bay, WI

"Thank you for making fantasy become reality! "
Jean-Michel Cousteau & Nan Marr - Santa Barbara, CA

" You're a real pro...".
Brad Lowe - Lake Orion, MI

"I was amazed and enchanted with your performances!"
Barabra Doss- Seattle, WA

"Great to see a master at work."
Dr & Mrs. Munir Jabbur - Albany, NY

"Unbelievable! You guys are Brilliant!"
Becky & Tom Wittmer - Danville, CA

Peter Gallant - Belmont Shore, CA

"Wonderful Artistry."
Mary Kalis - Sun City West, AZ

"You have thrilled and inspired me. Thank you!"
Nancy L Reeves - Menlo Park, CA

"Your marionettes are exquisite! Your creativity and whimsy are brilliant and heartwarming."
Chrissie Paddock - San Diego, CA

"Such a rare & wonderful talent. Thank you again & again."
Ruth Hammarberg - LaFayette, CA

"Best show on earth!"
Mr & Mrs A KILB - London, Ont, Canada

"Sensational! So real!!!"
Lois Nichols - Hillsborough ,CA

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