A tribute to the Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, and Dorothy Lamour Road movies this story begins...

Opening Number our boys Tappy  (Tom Plotkin), Buea ( Jeff Edgerton not pictured)  unite with Baby (Taffy) to start there journey to stardom.


Acquiring a booking at a hotel nightclub, opening for the  nightclub owner's Diva girlfriend, our boys find themselves, involved in a con game, in the middle of a  heist, become dupes for the law, and fall in love with the same girl.  Trying to figure it all out, (below) in their dressing room ( the meat locker), an appropriate place for a couple of hams to dress, also a perfect place to hide Baby from the hotel staff with their "no pet" policy. 

Escaping onstage from the Club owner, our boys masquerade as the Diva and a gorilla in a reprise of the Diva's "Beast" number

The jig is up backstage as the Club owner  pulls a gun

How does it End? Find out next time your in New York. This production is  on video at the Lincoln Center For The Performing Arts library.  

All photo's by  David Alexander during a  dress rehearsal.  

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