Taffy's "Pick of the Litter"

I have not got my puppy yet but I am so thrilled with the reviews and I am looking forward to it! It would be wonderful if you had some of your other puppets on the market, I would most definately purchase them! Keep up the amaing work. :-) 


Before, your puppet show was seen in Japan, and deeply impressed. I got a Taffy's puppy before. Now, my partners want your Taffy's puppies. Really want to get 2 wonderful Taffy's puppies. Here's the order

T Kumada - Japan

I'm delighted with the puppy. At my first attempt to operate it my grandchildren, 2 and 4 years old were down on their stomachs talking to it and reaching out to it. That was a tribute, not to my skill, but to your artistry and craftsmanship. Have you given any thought to marketing your Felonious Monk marionette? I would be your first customer as I can find no one else who makes high quallity, realistic and affordable animal marionettes.
C D - WA
"What a wonderful product you have made. I'm blown away with the craftsmanship and attention to detail, Bravo!
T.S.-Richmond, VA
"I have had it a for a couple of weeks now, and it is a great marionette. The movement and flexibility with the puppet is amazing. I also want to compliment you on the packaging design. As you now, I collect toy puppets and marionettes, and the design and layout for the marionette is just great. The video is also a great compliment to the puppet, which adds a great deal of insight for people who have not manipulated a marionette previously."
Keven Menegus (Puppeteer) - FratelloMarionettes - CA
"I am thrilled with the puppy, the video and 'The Care & Training Of Your Puppy' instructions
Grace Morrison ( Puppeteer) - "Puppetry with Grace" - TX
Just had to write you and compliment you on your packaging, instruction, ect of your 'Pick of the Litter'. He sure works well!"
Helen Lloyd (Puppeteer) - Ohio