This entertaining lecture has been choreographed to be presented on a proscenium stage. It's designed to give the public a better understanding and awareness of puppetry, in particular, the lost artistry of marionettes, and is highly recommended once they've seen our production "Suspended Animation".  During this presentation, Phillip will show all aspects of his creative process. The opening video delivers a brief history of Phillips career spanning movies, TV and theater. An Optional 3 vignette performance can be included if this lecture. Following is a video segment entitled "Making of a Star" which  covers the design, construction, costuming, and rehearsal process leading to the development of his portrait puppet "Nicole" (inspired by Natalie Cole). This is all narrated live by Phillip Huber. Questions and answers are welcomed as Phillip reveals in the final segment, "the tricks of the trade" in a live demonstration of several marionettes. A short picture-taking session is always available at the close of the lecture. The running time for this presentation is approximately 1 hour.

Note: Aspects of this presentation can be incorporated into our production "Suspended Animation" to create up to 105 minutes of entertainment.


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