Phillip Huber in his rendition of the "Sugar Plump Fairy" with the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra. To add a little bit of comedy, Phillip is singing live for this character.

On the Set - "Being John Malckovich" Director Spike Jonze in the forground watching play back takes of the Abelard and Heloise scene. Phillip in the background Rehearses moves with the marionette while waiting.

Stage Show presentation of "Road to Hollywood" for the Goodspeed Opera House Pictured (r-l) Jeff Edgerton, Taffy, and Tom Plotkin. Phillip is manipulating standing behind Taffy on the box.

Photo Credit (top to bottom)
Hawaii Symphony Warren K Wong
"Being John Malkovich" - David Alexander
"Road to Hollywood" Diane Sobolewski


Phillip Huber

The Marionette Artist who brought string puppetry back to life in "Being John Malkovich" conjures up magic in a performance as
"China Girl" for Disney's  Oz, The Great And Powerful


(click on  photo for behind the scenes look on youtube)
More about China Girl under news as you enter our world below

The Huber Marionettes' creators, Phillip Huber and David Alexander, invite you to experience a world of sophisticated puppetry designed for discerning tastes. Come inside and see why The Huber Marionettes are world class entertainment.

Dueling Violins-  Phillip Performs while the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra's Violinist plays for him. Union rules prevent taped music. Everything must be live.

On the lecture circuit - "Behind the strings" presented at Disney Studios, Orlando for the Featured Animation and Imagineering Dept. Pictured is a head mold video projected on a screen while Phillip narrates from the left corner spot light.

Publicity shot for the Broadway bound show "Busker Alley" Pictured is Phillip with his caricature of Tommy Tune, and Tommy Tune.

    Photo Credit (top to bottom)
    Hawaii Symphony Warren K Wong 
    Behind The Strings - David Alexander 
    Busker Alley - Martha Swope




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